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Dog wearing a collar with a blurry background


What vaccinations do you require?

Pet Lodge Pet Resort requires all guests be up to date on Bordatella, Rabies, and Distemper. We also require that all guests be on a flea and tick prevention program.

How old does my puppy/kitten have to be in order to be boarded?

We require that they be old enough to have had their vaccinations.

Can I get pictures of my dog everyday?

While we do post pictures every day it would require a full-time photographer to promise pictures every day. If you haven’t seen a picture feel free to email us or message us on Facebook and we will do our best to make sure you can see your kiddo. Ask a receptionist for pricing and availability.

Does my dog have to be neutered?

Dogs do not have to be spayed/neutered in order to stay with us. However, we do require all dogs to be spayed or neutered in order to participate in group activities.

Do you board all breeds of dogs?

We do not have breed restrictions but we do not board aggressive dogs.

Can I get extra activities for my dogs?

Yes! You can always add additional playtimes for your dog when they are here. Choose from an additional private play, nature walk, swim time, splash time, or training with our expert dog trainer. Contact us for additional pricing information.

When is the last potty break for dogs?

The last regular potty break for our dogs is between 6pm and 7pm when we close. There is a special late night potty break where they get taken out for an extra time between 8pm and 10 pm.

Can you train my dog?

Yes, Jeff is our expert dog trainer (and General Manager). We have a variety of training packages available to fit the needs of you and your dog. You can attend a group class or schedule a private lesson. You can also have your dog trained during boarding or daycare.

Is there somebody in the building at all times?

Our staff is here from 7am to 7pm and we have a supervisor that lives on site.

Do I need to bring a bed for my pet?

No, we have raised cots in every room and fleece blankets that are available for every dog.

What should I bring/pack?

We don’t recommend bringing the whole house or anything that you do not want to be marked with a permanent marker, maybe just a toy or bone or two. We will make sure everything you bring is marked with your last name to ensure that it gets back to you. Occasionally a dog will chew a bed or the laundry machine will break a zipper. Bones or antlers will be carried out to a yard and then forgotten as they play. Don’t bring anything that has a high sentimental value you would be afraid to lose. You do not need to bring food bowls, we will supply those.

When do they eat?

We have three feeding times. Most of our guests eat twice a day. We start morning feeding around 8:30am and we start evening feedings around 4:00pm. There is also a noon feeding if that is when your pet normally eats.

Do I need to bring my own food?

If you want your pet to stay on the same diet or if they have a sensitive stomach, you are more than welcome to bring your own food. A lot of owners choose this option because switching a dog’s diet can cause unpleasant stomach issues when they return home. You can also use our food. We use the Diamond Brand and Lamb and Rice or Chicken and Rice. Either way, there is no additional cost.

Do you bathe cats?


When does the pool open and close?

Even though our pool is not heated, our pool is open all year round. Signing your dog up for swim time is always the owner’s choice.