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Dog Grooming

In our specially equipped facilities, we’ll take your pet from tub to towel. No fuss, no mess. Call us at 770-475-3455 to request spa services.

Dog smiling
Dog smiling

The Ultimate Dog Grooming Experience

Pet Lodge Pet Resort provides the ultimate dog grooming experience. Whether your pet is caked with mud or is getting ready for the family portrait, we help your four-legged family member look their best.

We offer teeth brushing, nail dremeling, ear cleaning and anal gland expression as add-on services. If your furry friend has arthritis, has trouble standing, is blind or simply hates the grooming process, your groomer will make them comfortable while we make them beautiful.

Our Spa Services

Bubble Bath

Invigoration, deep cleansing bath, brush out & ear cleaning.

FURminator Treatment

Reduce Shedding (Price Varies by Size)! Formulated to enhance the natural beauty of your pet’s coat. Enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce excessive shedding & promote healthy skin & coats. Helps reduce amount of dander and hair for shed-less homes.

Nail Trim

Regular nail trims are essential to your dog's comfort and health. We'll clip, file, or grind your dog's nails for the perfect paw-dicure.

Call us at 770-475-3455 to request spa services.