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Pet Lodge Pet Resort

Dog Lodging Rates
Our standard room is a cozy 5 X 10 space where value is key. Your pet will be comfortable and happy in this amazing room!$50
Junior Suite
The Junior Suite is a spacious 7 X 8 area for your dog to have plenty of space to play around in! Always clean and cozy, your dog will never know that you're gone while staying here!$60
Luxury Suite
Spoil your dog while you're away! The Luxury Suite is just that...luxurious! The 4 X 6 or 7 X 7 rooms provide different spacious options for your four-legged friend. Webcams included!$70
Presidential Suite
The Presidential! Pamper your furry friend with the top-tier Presidential Suite. Our biggest and best room is an expansive 9 X 9 in area, and has all of the necessary amenities for your dog to have the best possible stay-cation!$80
Peak Pricing$3
Lodging Activities
All inclusive
Includes 2 extra activities, evening potty break, and texted photo at the end of the day$40
Lodging Add-Ons
Frozen Yogurt$2 (small), $4 (large)
Extra Activity (Swim, Nature Walk, Playtime)$15
Evening Potty$15
Dog Daycare Rates
Single Day$32
10 Pack$290
20 Pack$560
Cat Boarding
Kitty Condo$30
Kitty Suites$65
Exotics Boarding
Please call for details$20
Spa Services
*We offer full-service bathing for your pet! Please contact us for more details.
*We offer professional training services to fit your pet's unique needs! Please contact us for details.