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Dog Lodging Rates
Our standard room is a cozy 5 X 10 space where value is key. Your pet will be comfortable and happy in this amazing room!
Junior Suite
The Junior Suite is a spacious 7 X 8 area for your dog to have plenty of space to play around in! Always clean and cozy, your dog will never know that you're gone while staying here!
Luxury Suite
Spoil your dog while you're away! The Luxury Suite is just that...luxurious! The 4 X 6 or 7 X 7 rooms provide different spacious options for your four-legged friend.
Presidential Suite
The Presidential! Pamper your furry friend with the top-tier Presidential Suite. Our biggest and best room is an expansive 9 X 9 in area, and has all of the necessary amenities for your dog to have the best possible stay-cation!
Peak Pricing
Lodging Activities
All inclusive
Includes 2 extra activities, evening potty break, and texted photo at the end of the day
Lodging Add-Ons
Frozen Yogurt
$2 (small), $4 (large)
Extra Activity (Swim, Nature Walk, Playtime)
Evening Potty
Dog Daycare Rates
Single Day
10 Pack
20 Pack
Cat Boarding
Kitty Condo
Kitty Suites
Exotics Boarding
Please call for details
Spa Services
*We offer full-service bathing for your pet! Please contact us for more details.
*We offer professional training services to fit your pet's unique needs! Please contact us for details.