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Cat Boarding

We offer fantastic boarding options for your feline friend as well!

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A Lap of Luxury

Pet Lodge Pet Resort Kitty Guests are not boarded in small cages in the same areas as dogs such as your veterinarian uses, but our purr…line guests are boarded in luxury condos all containing play and climbing toys, comfy sleeping beds, and extra large litter boxes. We have some of the largest kitty condos available and your cats will love them.

Our beautiful cat suite receives rave reviews from cats and “parents” alike. Cats love our playtimes!

Our Suites

1st Cat

Our 1st Cat option is our best value and is a cozy retreat for your cat! The 4 X 3 X 6 space will be more than enough room for your kitty to have the time of their life.

Kitty Suite

Our Kitty Suite is the most luxurious feline room at Pet Lodge Pet Resort. The enormous 10 X 12 room has all the space that your cat could ever ask for!

What Do I Need to Pack?

It doesn’t matter. Your cat will most likely be angry at you for putting them in the carrier or the car in the first place. No amount of treats will make them forgive you until they are ready because they are cats and humans just exist to serve them.

We joke, but cat people know! Kitties get as much attention as they will allow.

Usually, cats only need to bring their carrier and their food. We provide litter, so you only need to bring your litter if you prefer something other than clay based litter!

Vaccination Requirements

The health & safety of each pet is our number one priority. Therefore, in the best interest of all, each guest meet our published vaccinations standards prior to admittance. We must be presented with proof of current inoculations. Cats must have rabies, FVRCP, and feline leukemia protection. This proof can either be faxed or brought in to us. Pets arriving without the proper inoculations will have to be taken to our veterinarian, either by the client or by us for an extra $30 above the cost of the inoculations. Our fax number is (770) 751-6807. We prefer that you go to your own veterinarian for your inoculations so that a thorough check-up can be done. Our phone number is 770-475-3455.

  • Rabies: Current in the last year for kittens and the past three years for adults.

  • FVRCP: Current in the last year.

Each pet receives a pre-entry evaluation prior to admittance. All guests must be in good health and must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within a 30-day period prior to check-in. Pets showing signs of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing, or diarrhea will not be admitted. Pet showing signs of fleas or ticks will be treated at owner’s expense.

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